Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 2 at the MTC

Hey! All is well in Utah! Still learning a lot, still gaining weight:) We have plenty of boy time over here! maybe even too much haha we have to buckle down.
          The melted chocolate
Only 7 more weeks here. 2 weeks down, they flew by so fast!! I will send you another letter in a little bit of how we did the door trick.
I am so sorry for you though, now you gotta wake up so early! It’s rough getting up that early but I love those early morning dive practices. I am so sorry about dad's car.  That is so stupid...and the leaks sound icky :(   I’m sorry about that, it must smell so bad.
We heard yesterday that Robin Williams died and we had a party celebrating his life. We had chips, salsa, brownies, cookies and Dr. Pepper! It was a blast. Okay... maybe it wasn't to celebrate his life but he was our excuse so it all worked out:) I am going to check out that blog in a little bit! Sounds great, except for the girly part J  I am a manly man so I should have camouflage or something on there.  And as dad knows, it’s alright if we are a little Pinterest-y. After all, we are the Pinterest boys! Haha
Down at the bottom of the letter you wrote to me you mentioned you loved me more than the real estate agent! hahaha I totally forgot about that! That’s so cute. :)
I got the goodies in the mail today! I am currently wearing the ring, gonna eat a cookie or two... or all of them.  But I regret to inform you the chocolate goodies were melted.  I opened up the box and my roommates looked in and got really disgusted! They had no clue what you sent me:.  Don’t worry, the bags were tied shut and nothing spilled. I am still going to eat the chocolate goodies - I will just need a fork and knife to do so:)  The Pringles cans opened up a little and one cookie broke, nevertheless it will be consumed.  The cans look fabulous! They say CTR on them and I think that is so cool! It reminds me of our lesson yesterday after our devotional. Our teacher says to us "so normally CTR stands for Choose The Right. But for each of you it should mean something more important. Does anybody know what that would be? and without missing a beat I say "Convert The Russians". She thought it was the funniest thing.  But it actually stands for Current Temple Recommend. Even though we may not have the opportunity to always attend the temple we should still always have one.
On another note those pictures of Tyler look so cool! I am jealous! I wanna go out and start serving right now! But I know I am not anywhere close to where I need to be with Russian to head out yet.  
I saw Calvin all over the MTC but I didn't get a chance to say bye before he headed out.
Anyways I love the inspirational quotes you send me:) I use them in my lessons all the time!
There is a scale here in the gym and I weighed myself, I have gained 5 pounds so far.  I heard from our teacher that Russian missionaries come back skinny so I gotta gain while I can!
We went to the temple these past two weeks. Did you know the Temple is 3 stories high and has a basement? And in the basement they serve breakfast! I need to go get some breakfast there some time .
I learned a new version of tic-tac-toe this week. We call it ultimate tic-tac-toe. You set up a big board like a regular game but instead of x's and o's in the spaces, you put smaller tic-tac-toe boards it’s pretty crazy. 
I finished the gummy bears and all the candy bars I came with. I shared the bears because everybody LOVED them and i gave a couple candy bars away. I offered to people but they are all watching their figures. They are such girls. I would bring a candy bar with me to gym every day and get silly looks eating my snickers after an intense game of 4 square. The new missionaries come in every Wednesday and last week I met an elder named Jacob Biers. He apparently lives in Thatcher and is good buddies with Josh and Rikki.  I don’t have either of their emails so I can't tell them but it’s fun anyways.
Tonight is our first lessons without any language notes. its scary! We have to give a 20 minute lesson to a native Russian speaker only using a bible and PMG. (Preach my Gospel). Wish us luck!
I love you all! I miss you so much!
The Church is True and I love you!!

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