Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy November

Another great week here!
Found a Kitty Friend
We had FOG!

Dear Family,

Thanks for your note.  I am super pumped to get a Christmas Package!! WOOHOO:)) The package tracker says it's in the Russian Federation.  My companion tells me that the Russian Federation is just Russia in general. So I hope it is in Vladivostok, but I am not 100 percent sure:)  Perhaps it is on the other side. And wow! You sent 2 more??   I am pumped.   Hopefully I can get all three at once and make everybody jealous here. 

It is not cold enough to require much extra clothes so far!  The stuff you sent me with is great:) I am probably going to get some gloves and maybe a jacket next week.  Sometimes I wear my Shopka that Mike Rime gave me. During the day it is hot, but nights can get pretty windy.
Sunday Selfie
We use our Kanga pouches every day. It is just part of the attire we wear. It holds our passport and wallets, so if anything happened the important stuff isn't going anywhere.
Thanks for sharing the "Spirit is like Spidey Sense" analogy from the Stake Baptism. I made an analogy the other week how The Sons of Mosiah were like the Grinch. How they were kinda stinky people but after their change of heart, (after their hearts grew 3 sizes) they were the best of the best.  People totally started giggling in the middle of my spiritual Grinch thought. It threw me off.
Way fun to hear that Megan will be hanging out with you guys these upcoming weeks for Thanksgiving and Christmas! It might be weird to not have me there, but hopefully you don't miss me too much;)

I Love You so much! Everything is fun:))
Elder Gardner

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