Saturday, April 11, 2015

Happy Easter

We had a good Easter here in Russia! Yes they do celebrate Easter. It isn't a big celebration but it is still recognized as an important day.  I have not seen Peeps in the stores here, but I got your package a few days ago!! Woohoo :) I am sad to say though, I ate the Peeps and forgot to take a picture with it.  And all the candy is already gone too :) Very tasty!
On Easter we had a nice fast and testimony meeting took place even though only 17 people showed up.   It has been really cold the past few days but no snow or anything so it isn't too bad.

We are going to watch conference next week. It takes a week for all of the talks to be translated into Russian.
I am glad you got the box I sent.  I hope you kept the box because it has lots of secrets!  It is illegal to send coins from Russia to America for some reason so don’t tell any police officers that I sent them :)  In the box you will find some hidden Rubles and Korean money.   I placed some inside the Russian dolls and others are in the inside flap of the blue Russian cardboard box that it all came in. They are in there stuck to the bottom using ASU duct tape.  Also, look in the spine of one of the books that I sent.  I also have hidden the memory card from my camera. It is filled with pictures since I left. 

There are a ton of people from Russia who go to Thailand. Especially in Nakhodka it was a big thing. People go there to find work, to go on vacation, to live just to live there.
I feel like even though I can speak Russian well enough, I still can't break through and have people pay attention to our message.  It is a big problem here where we will walk around on the street and people just won’t listen. I can speak perfect Russian but they just talk over us and it doesn't make a difference how eloquent I am.  I am still hoping to find the humble people :)  They’re out there somewhere!

I am so jealous of your trip to go see Kenny Chesney! We have been singing some of his songs this week. I am not really sure why, but all of us Elders here in Angarsk know his songs :) It is fun.
That is interesting that Mrs. Vogelsang asked about me this week because 3 days ago I had a dream and the Vogelsangs were in it! Crazy :) I hope everything is well with their family!

Not much new happened this week. We are struggling to find people who want to know more. We had a couple funny experiences. We tried talking to a few people and we said we were here as missionaries from our church. He asked "So you are Satanists?" I told him we believe in Christ, we preach of Christ, we joy in Christ" He said we were definitely Satanists. hahah  I just started laughing so hard and he kept shouting as he walked away. Some people might get offended at that but I find it super funny :) This old man is so misled, bless his heart.  Maybe his heart will be softened later. Of course I hope so, but we can only pray and hope for him.
I am feeling almost at home. I kind of feel sometimes like Jesus when he said "Foxes have holes, and birds have nests, but missionaries have not where to lay their heads" I am paraphrasing of course. We move around quite a bit. I spent 3 or 4 days this week serving in Irkutsk. I haven’t been there before. Pretty cool! There was a missionary conference in Vlad, so my companion went to Vlad and left me to serve in Irkutsk with some other elder I have never met before. He just barely got into Russia and is super full of energy. Great elder :)  There is a lot of travelling, a lot of talking to people and a lot of praying going on :) Hopefully this upcoming conference on Sunday will reenergize us and help us be more enthusiastic when we preach :)

I miss you all! Hope everything is good, and hope you never forget to
Stay Frosty

Elder Gardner

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