Friday, May 8, 2015

A Crazy Week!

I am doing good! This week was a pretty crazy week:) We sent home Elder Pack last week and this week a new missionary flew in from Vladivostok. His name is Elder Brown. I hate to say it but he isn't an Eagle... He is a Rough Rider! (Do you understand that reference Mom?)
He grew up in Pima, Arizona! Pretty cool guy. He played against Joseph City in football and he probably played against Austin at one point:) Small world!  

After we sent off Elder Pack, Elder Cluff and I cleaned the house and rearranged the furniture! It looks a lot better in our apartment:) We were alone for a few days and then Elder Luekenga (pronounced Lookingay) and Elder Brown came back. We got about 3 days of work in before Elder Luekenga received a call from President Brinton telling him that he got transferred. Random:)  Anyway, now Elder Luekenga is gone and I am with Elder Brown and Elder Cluff  is going to be with Elder Lusk. Everything got switched up, but President Brinton knows best:) I am sure we will find success despite the chaos!
Send my love to the Nakhodka branch! I miss them, it feels so weird. I was there for about 6 months but time just flew by!
Thanks for the photos of family.  I noticed Donna's arms in that picture! She is ripped! I need to work out harder here, maybe she could send me a workout plan:)
I have been bragging to everyone that my parents know the new Mission President and are going to breakfast with him:) Everyone is jealous! Haha that is so cool.

The weather this week was bad.  One day it was super hot, but we had to wear our suit coats and jackets. Our rule is that we wear jackets as long as the majority of people are still wearing jackets too. Super lame. Some of these old ladies wear their big heavy jackets literally all year round. They never take them off. Ever. Ha ha ha So one day it was hot, the next day it was raining and cold and windy. The next day it rained all night, the rain stopped in the morning and snow came down. Then it stopped snowing and it rained again. After that we had small snow balls, they looked like BB gun pellets. Almost like hail, but it didn't hurt. We were just sitting there thinking... "What the.... hail? (Read it quickly and it becomes funny:)) Hopefully the weather evens out pretty soon, we have been in the cold for long enough!
I can't wait to skype you for Mother’s Day! Hope everything works out! I miss you all and love you too:) Happy Mother’s day to all.

Elder Gardner

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