Monday, May 2, 2016

Love the Borsch

This week was a good week. We had a big meeting in Artyom on Thursday, it was a big District Meeting with all the cities driving in for it. Nakhodka, Vlad, Ussurisk all came down. This time I didn't have to do anything, I was grateful. We spent a long time before the meeting cleaning the branch. Scrubbing the walls, washing dishes, beating the carpets out. It has been a long time since the branch had a good scrub down. It looked really good though after we were done with it. Our job was to be good hosts, we ordered pizza for dinner after the meeting and had enough juice to drink. Pretty simple:)

Our branch was great this week we had 15 people show up and after 2nd hour we had a big dinner all together. We had rolls and Easter cake and choco-chip cookies and the sister missionaries bought juice and another member named Katya made borsch. It was a really great dinner:) I enjoyed it. Now we know how to make borsch and can make it for you when I get back. I would recommend borsch for the missionaries when you feed them this week - I am sure they would love it :)  
The people at the homeless shelter didn't particularly ask for anyone to play the guitar, they just said that they had one if we wanted and I really wanted to play on it haha. It wasn't super great but I am trying to be a wise and profitable servant and not bury my talents in the ground.

And about the winter gear, I will be sure to bring it home. It is all in good shape still. And besides they hold all my winter memories. I haven't decided how I will get it home yet, but I will figure it out:)
Can't wait to get the mail! Especially that birthday package :) Thank you so much for sending it! I can't believe that I am going to be 20 years old soon. I feel like I am still 15 years old. I still look the same anyways haha.

The internet in Artyom went out today and there aren't any internet cafes in Artyom so we came into Vlad today to write home. I really have no time to write this week, hope you have a great week!
I love you so much. Can't wait to skype next week!

Elder Gardner

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