Sunday, September 14, 2014

Another great week

We had a great week!   We should be getting our travel plans this Friday. Somebody said we would be flying to Cali, then South Korea, then Vladivostok from there. I will let you know when I get the official papers.  No news on whether or not our Visas have come in.  Should be good! I don't know what to think just yet :)

 That rainy Monday sounds so crazy! I wish I could've driven the jeep through the mud! Would've been too much fun:)!! We had a ton of rain here yesterday, too, but not enough to flood the streets!  Lots of fun! It’s a nice change of pace from the AZ heat. I saw Cameron playing in the water on the news clip they sent me! That is too funny:) That is way sad to hear about the Catholic church that got flooded! Maybe there could be a service project to go help them out!

I am sure President Rogers is gonna do great as our new Stake President! I love him, he always gives out fist bumps! Sweet!

I’m excited that Chandler is putting his mission papers in.  I can’t wait to hear where he gets called!  That is way exciting.

Thanks for the care package.  I tried to hide them.  :)
That is so cool that you got your Advanced Diver Certification! I am so jealous. How were the wetsuits? I hope to never have to wear them again.  Sounds like a great experience though! I am glad you guys got the wonderful opportunity to dive in Lake Pleasant! It was anything BUT pleasant! haha Maybe when I get back we can get Megan and me certified in Australia! I wanna go there and dive the Great Barrier Reef. 

So last Wednesday, right after I got to dinner, I saw Elder Wimmer! I was talking to some guy going to China.  Then Elder Wimmer came up and started talking to the Chinese Elder. I looked away, looked back and saw “Wimmer” on his tag! I totally interrupted their conversation, I said "Hey! Hey! Elder Wimmer! My mom knows your mom!!" I was way pumped, all excited! I finally saw the infamous Elder Wimmer! He was totally confused, kinda like he could care less... haha this was so cool to me but he didn't even care.

I also ripped my pants! haha I was hackey-sackey-ing and went up to kick it... ripped right open in the crotch. Don't worry, I sewed it back up using the sewing kit from Mission Prep Class. Thanks Worthen Family!  

Not much has happened other than that! Still studying:)  I wish I had more to say.  Can't wait to get out there! Love you all so much! This Church is true,

Старейшина Гарднер

Elder Gardner

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