Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ready to escape the MTC

Hey! Last week was a really boring week! Sorry for not saying much:(  I will have a ton of stuff to tell you in 2 weeks!  I had a cold for a couple days, and then I got Pink Eye!  WOOHOO!  It wasn't too fun, kinda icky. But I got to leave campus to go to the pharmacy.   I got some eye drops and all is well now.  But because of my cold, I had a bad cough and couldn't sing in church.  It is alright and I will sing this upcoming week.  I am learning here but I would learn so much more if I could just escape the MTC. 

We should get travel information this upcoming Friday!   We have 12 days till we fly out! Monday the 29th!  We are definitely counting down the days. We are missing conference by a week.  It is quite a shame.  It is rough being so close but so far and not really sure how this whole thing is gonna work! 
Steak Fries!  Double order.  :)
I don't know how effective I will be the first few months of my mission but I am sure it will all work out for the best.  I am eating as much of the MTC food as I can stand.  I wanna get a bit more fat because I probably will not want to eat much the first couple days of Russia.  That borsch looks like blood soup... gross..

On Monday we had a Skype call/lesson with a native Russian! It was an бабушка (older lady).  Her name is Elena:) She was very sweet but she talked quickly and I struggled to understand everything she said.  But, it was really cool. We are learning more and more grammar rules each day. Hopefully I can keep them all straight in my head.

We haven't gotten any rain here but I hope we can get some before we leave to the Motherland. 

Game: How full will your cup be when you flip it over.
I am glad to hear that you guys went to help the Catholic church. Oh man, you guys have a lot of rain! I am super jealous.  In all the time I went to DV I don't think they cancelled it once.   Now Cameron might get it twice! No fair.

How was riding the Ninja? Everything works fine? I wish I could go riding again.  I always hear motorcycles riding around and past the MTC. It makes me miss it.

That is so cool that Dad’s office made the switch to the cloud! How is that going? All smooth? Send my best wishes to the folks at the office haha I feel like I am almost part of the team! Hopefully one day I can be.

We had Richard G. Scott visit us last night! He spoke a lot about prayer. Way cool! But next Tuesday we are supposed to be getting a bigger guy coming to talk! Maybe Tommy M. I don't know. 

I saw Megan today in front of the Temple! I didn't know if I could hug her, so I didn't haha.

I am glad Megan sent you the video she took! I have the translation for that if you would like:)

"Hey there my family! How are you? My name is Elder Gardner and I am a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ. I know this Church is true. I know the temple is the most beautiful building. I love this weather, it is really good weather. I know when I pray to God, He listens to me. He knows me. He knows us all. He loves us. Like... A lot a lot. I love you all. I love you Mom and Dad and Cameron and Megan. I am a little silly but I know this church is true! I love you! Bye Bye".

I realize that my testimony jumps around quite a bit but it is alright:) I never know what to say when people say "Hey! Speak Russian at me" 
Me and my companion Elder Hansen.

I don't think I need anything before I leave for Russia. I have a bunch of food, but Ramen is always welcome:)  The only problem is I don't have a bowl or fork so that would also be required:)  Gummy bears are always wanted. There is one elder in our district who eats all my gummy bears! Not nice! But he speaks sign language so he is pretty cool:)  I can't really think of anything that I want but anything you think of is appreciated:)

The Church is true and I Love You,


Старейшина Гарднер

Elder Gardner

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