Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's December!

We had the first snow today! Crazy:) I am sad I missed the Thanksgiving party! It sounds like a big success. We had some Thanksgiving dinner with our district and the senior missionaries.  Most people here don't celebrate Thanksgiving. 

I go to Seoul on December 23 and 24th:) I will most likely pass through Vladivostok. Hopefully I can get some more mail! My companion will not come with me to Korea. I don't really know what he will be doing yet. I am going with my MTC group that I came in with.  

We will get to Skype from the church on Christmas. I might send home my full memory cards from my camera if you would like. Then you could watch all of the videos I have made. 

I love you all! All is good here, meeting lots of drunk people on the streets and always messing with them. Can't wait to see you soon:)
Love,  Ryan

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