Monday, December 8, 2014

Starting to get a little cold

Have you been watching our weather?  We can definitely feel this temperature drop! It is rough but I am a real man;) so I can handle it.
I am so sorry I won't have time to write Conner and Kreston this week! I know their birthdays are this week! Happy birthday guys!

Dad's Washington trip sounds fun.  It's always good to talk to big wigs.  Although, you were cold at 50 degrees? That is nothing! In one town not too far away, the temperature dropped to way below zero just a few days ago:)

I have gotten a little skinnier over here in Russia:) I haven't really been working out as much as I did when I was back in Tukee. All we really do here are pullups and pushups. We have a few dumbells but nothing big going on in the fitness department:) Don't worry I am not going hungry. We eat great over here. Pasta and Burritos almost every other day. We cook for ourselves.  We eat a lot, but nothing really new or shaking it up. 

I am super sad I missed the Church Christmas party! It sounds like it was a blast:) It seems like the Worthens always do well, whatever they do:) Like that quote from one of the prophets a while back. "What e'er thou art, act well thy part."  That is definitely something I admire about them!

It is so weird to think, Christmas will be about the 5 month mark. That is almost 1/4 of the way done! I just barely got out here! I gotta get to work!

I miss you all. Nothing too crazy is happening here in Russia! At 53 rubles to a dollar, the economy is hurting pretty bad over here. I heard soon it will be up to 60 rubles in a dollar! That doesn't really affect us, we are given a certain amount of money and it is always enough:)

Oh by the way, I got the 2 packages you sent safely.  So thus far I have recieved the 2 regular packages and the 1 Christmas package. The food in the package was great!! That is so tasty! We already broke out the hot sauce can and taco sauce you sent:) Super tasty!!
I was on the bus the other day when I looked out the window to see some Russians getting into a fist fight. haha  The bus drove away though:( dang I didn't get to see who won! Mom asked if people like Russia's President. People here LOVE Putin.  They think he is their national hero or something. 
Some of these Russians don't really understand why we are here. We said to one guy, "Hey we are missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ" He told us "Sorry we aren't interested, we are Christians".... haha there's nothing you can do about that..  

I bought a giant Russian Nesting doll today. It was sweet! I also got a book full of quotes. It is a bunch of deep quotes. There are some quotes from Ghandi and Ralph Waldo Emerson and the likes. I will have to share some next week:) I miss you all so much!

New Nesting Doll

The Church is True and I Love You!

Ryan Gardner

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