Thursday, January 15, 2015

I haven't slipped this week

It was a good week!  I have not slipped any more on the ice. Still sitting at a count of 7. Elder Sayers though... he slipped 2 more times yesterday -  aww poor guy. I will think about buying some boots but I haven't found anything worth buying yet. I need to keep my eyes out! And wow, that is kind of scary to hear about Grandpa Woods slipping and falling! I am glad that he is okay. 

Giant icicles waiting to fall on us when we open the door! AGH!

That is crazy to hear about the javelinas in Ahwatukee! I haven't ever seen one in real life. I heard in some countries they try to tackle those with their bare hands! Now THAT sounds like a fun Saturday night!  I am glad to hear that Dad is still riding the motorcycle. That is sweet.   I am super jealous, I haven't driven a car or bike or anything for 6 months! Walking... walking... and more walking.. 

Our feet got cold... feet gloves! Next big thing for Billy Mays to sell:)
What a wild story to hear about Chandler Dowell almost losing his luggage to a thief in the Mexico City airport. I am glad he got it back. I bet Chandler scared the guy who took his luggage pretty quickly. I wouldn't want an angry Chandler coming after me! ha ha

This week was a pretty good week. We had a couple of instances where people came up to us asking for cigarettes. We tell them we don’t smoke and walk away but they just follow us! They are annoying sometimes.  There are so many people here with whole mouths of gold or silver teeth. They lost every single one of their teeth due to smoking, chewing tobacco, or bad hygiene. Even some of these Babushkas have all gold teeth... kind of scary the first time I saw it. 

Our baptismal font:) We set it up for a baptism the other day but the day before the guy's baptism he went and told his Jehova Witness Pastor. The pastor told him that if he got baptized in our church he was buying himself an express ticket to "Heck"... aahaha dang. No baptism for us.

I always see this yellow jeep running around!
I ate some of the Alligator Jerky that you sent me this week. Way good! I love it! It had some citric acid in it too, super tasty.

I was really glad to have that lazer pointer "Cat Toy" that you sent me this week. We were on the street looking up into the apartment window where the other Elders were eating and we needed to get their attention. We called them but they didn't answer and we were wondering how in the world we could get their attention. Then I remembered... Cat Toy to the rescue! I shone the cat toy through the window and onto the wall by them. They looked out the window and we were able to talk after that.  They told me as soon as they saw it, they knew exactly who it was. "Elder Gardner! Him and his Cat Toy" they said. 

We find cats in the weirdest places sometimes!
One of the other elders' investigators came to the church this week. His name is Sergei. He said 'Hey do you guys have some hot water?" We said yeah. He then went to the kitchen to make some church!  We saw him and told him that we don't drink coffee. We said "Here have some herbal chai; you shouldn't drink that coffee." He took the packet of chai, said “Thank you,” put the chai into his pocket and made the coffee anyways... ha ha ...we just laughed... there wasn't anything we could do, he already decided he wanted coffee, so he was having coffee. 

Train toilet... I am glad I am not a girl... theres no place to sit.. just a squat  :)
I started a strict shaving program. I shave once every 3 weeks. (It isn't really that strict.)  I can't grow any facial hair. I don't really know why I shave. It wouldn't make a difference either way. Maybe by the time I get home I can grow a beard or something!

Some of these Russian Cars have sweet paint jobs!
I think that is way cool that Austin wants to be a magician! That is sweet:) I wish him the best of luck! I don't know if I could do that, I take my hat off to him.

I love you all so much!

Russian Nesting Dolls

Elder Gardner




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