Thursday, January 29, 2015


Big news! 6 month mark is in 4 days! Time really does fly, it is weird telling people that I’ve been here half of a year. I sent a package to you guys today. It is some books, 2 Russian nesting dolls, some CDs because all the CDs and DVDs here are about 2 dollars each. I hope it gets there soon. The lady said 3 months! haha Now we wait. 

(This picture was taken in an effort to scare us - nice building)
I love Russia, it is so.... dog eat dog… you gotta get what you want because nobody is going to give it to you. Even in line for the post office. They don't make a nice line, they all stand in a clump and jump in where there is a free spot to go. I didn't realize that at first and like 3 people cut me. Then I put my shoulders back, stood up tall, put on my grumpy face, stared down some guy, stepped in front of him and took my turn... haha whoops I was frustrated. I should’ve been nicer! It is okay:) The guy didn't even care, it’s just how they work here. I still love these Russians!
This week at our English practice there was a girl who showed up. I have seen her a couple times, she is probably 17 or so, and I tried to talk to her in English. She said she didn't like English. I giggled and asked her why she was at English practice. She paused a second and told me "To see you" aww she’s got a crush on me! That’s so cute :) I am out of her league anyways. Haha just kidding I just said thanks and walked away.  

We finally found somebody new! His name is S___.  We met him on the street, introduced ourselves and the first thing he said is "Hey do you want some sunflower seeds?" He gave us each a giant handful and then we talked about God. He was a way cool guy. He has a real desire to change his life, he has been in and out of prison his whole life and now he is 40. He has a grandson and he needs to get his act together. He is the first real investigator we have met in the past 8 weeks or so. The work is slow but it wouldn't be fun if we had baptisms every other day... right? Or maybe that’s just what I tell myself ;)
We met with another guy, he has a baptismal date coming up in the following weeks. His name is A___. He is a way cool guy, way nice.  The whole time we were meeting with him, his senile, bed-ridden mother was in the other room screaming the whole time. She was screaming "Get out!" And she wouldn't give it up. A couple times he went out and told her "If you don't keep it down I am going to carry you out of this house and you’re gonna live on the street" haha Russian Humor. She kept screaming and we ignored her, we closed the door and then we heard a shatter. She threw a glass onto the ground and smashed it. He cleaned it up and we kept going with the lesson. A little later she started screaming "Neighbors! Neighbors help me!" She took a shoe or something hard and started banging the floor trying to get somebody to help her. The guy just turned to us and said "Don’t worry guys none of the neighbors are coming to help." Haha oh that’s reassuring. As we were leaving, the mother said "Get these Americans out of here!" Al_____ said to her "These are my Russian friends. Don't you feel bad now?" She got dead silent... She thought she had made all that racket over some Russian guys.. haha as we were leaving I puffed out my chest, put on my deep Russian voice and said "Da Svadanya" "До Свидания". (English translation:  “Bye Now”)   Hahahaha super funny :)

Let it snow.
We taught him about the Law of Chastity and it wasn't as awkward as I thought it was going to be. He was way open to accepting it. He said that he agreed with the principle and he was ready to follow it :) Pretty fun being a missionary, never a dull moment!
I am so jealous of the weather! I miss just going outside with no shoes and shorts and whatever I want to wear. Here, you have to leave 5 minutes early from anywhere and everywhere to account for time to dress yourself.  

I am glad you liked the photos last week. I have been bad about sending as many as I should. Pictures are worth a thousand words. I still need to figure out how much I weigh in Kilograms and how tall I am in Meters. You guys have your handy dandy iPhones and laptops to tell you the conversion between the two. I have math and a brain. I hope I can do the math J 
I am so glad I can still keep in contact with the Schindele’s. They are a fabulous family!  

We just noticed today how expensive everything is getting. Yeah we have to buy less at dinner time, or be smarter about what we buy because some of the stuff here, the price is skyrocketing. Crazy. It definitely doesn't help us at all with missionary work. The people are getting more frustrated and less happy to talk with us. They are worried about their families and finances - which they should be. There are a tonnnnn of sailors here who are leaving for the sea. They normally leave for 6 months of work and come back. They all need the money. There are also a bunch of people leaving to go to Thailand. They are looking for better work. It is weird that they have to leave their country to find work to provide for their families. Either they stay and work 3 jobs to still be poor, or they leave. It is so hard here. 
I love you all so much! The Church is True and I Love You! Keep on smiling!



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