Monday, June 8, 2015

19 Years Old!

I had a great week! Thanks to everyone for the Birthday wishes:) We ordered Papa John's Ranch Chicken pizza for lunch on Elder Brown's Birthday. We had some sushi for dinner and watched Mormon Messages. For my birthday, we had leftover pizza and sushi and it was a good couple days. We made some biscuits and gravy for breakfast and threw the left over hard biscuits out the window. Some birds flew in and tried eating the bread. I don't know who got the idea to fill up water balloons but before I knew it we had 3 or 4 balloons filled up and we were standing at the window overlooking the big groups of pigeons gathered around the bread. That's all I am going to say about that.... :) 

For our Birthdays, some pizza and some music:)

Sushi and Mormon Messages with Elder Brown
I have a bit of news. It is actually kind of sad. I am leaving Angarsk! It's alright though, because I am not going far. I am going to be serving in Irkutsk. That is the big cool city and I am very excited to be going. Elder Brown is staying here in Angarsk with Elder Lusk. Elder Cluff is going to Ussirisk, far away eastern Russia. Another bit of news, I am going to be serving with Elder Grey. He is new and I will be training him. I will also be a zone leader over the west zone of our mission with Elder Lusk. It isn't a big deal:) Zone leaders are regular missionaries still, they just travel more and have to communicate with more missionaries from all around the area. Elder Grey is a good elder, he has been in Russia a few weeks already and I will be taking over the last half of his training. Wish me luck! I have a lot of work coming up:) Oh, and Elder Grey is like... 6 foot 4 haha; he's a big guy:) Maybe I can get some tips on growing from him

Mom said President Perkinson talked about a group of people here, we call them Buryatskee people.  The Buryats are veryyy spiritual. They are mainly in Ulan-Ude (a city in our mission). That city is one of the best for missionary work. They are very faithful and they have one of the strongest branches there:) Great people!  But what you heard is true.   I have heard some pretty wild stories/ rumors about heavenly visitations in this part of the world. Pretty crazy:)

It is bitter-sweet to be leaving Angarsk. There are really special people here. They are full of faith, they love the Lord and serve in their callings with all their heart. I have made more friends here than in Nakhodka, so it is definitely harder to leave. I would willingly go back to either Nakhodka or Angarsk any day though.
I accidentally broke my red pen!  :(

 I am not too sure what to write this week! I miss you all:) I think I will send some pictures now! 

The Church is true and I Love You. 

Elder Gardner

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