Monday, June 29, 2015

Korea again

(Dad's note:  This letter was from last week.  We were late in posting) 

I made it to Korea all safe and sound! I was only there the regular time. We didn't have any time to do a session or anything.  We got McDonalds like always :) One elder here bought 27,000 won worth of McDonald’s... like 2 Big Macs, 2 drinks, 3 fries, 3 wraps, a milkshake and he ate it all! Wow... haha pretty impressive :) We walked the streets of downtown Korea though for a few hours and that was nice. We met a couple cool people. Some French people and I said hello and asked them how they were doing, and then we had to go :(  We met a German lady in the airport and had a wonderful conversation with her :) I met a young couple from Florida who were coming back from an international college study abroad program kinda thing. They were pretty cool. We met a Russian lady who was interested in talking with us just so she could impart of her wonderful knowledge and enlighten us so that our souls weren't lost hahaa.
Everyone in Korea wears masks - so we got some, too.
Back in Russia later this week we also met a German guy who didn't speak Russian so we helped him find his restaurant that he needed. Not much happened though :(  Yesterday at church we had an older couple from Texas join with us.  They were in town for a few days and came to church. Apparently they follow some of the missionary’s blogs and are big fans of Russia. They said they are hoping to fly on out here and be Senior Missionaries when everything works out. That would be pretty cool! They were really great members. Although they didn't speak much Russian they sure tried! They have been studying for the past 2 years and it’s pretty cool. I can't remember their names but hopefully they come back soon enough. Not much else happened this week :(  It feels like I didn't do anything this week because I was in Korea for 2 days. Hopefully next week I can make something up to entertain you! I miss you all:)

 Our dinner 2 nights ago. Pasta, Rice, Chicken, Red pasta sauce

Happy Father’s day! I am so thankful that you are my dad! You’re a phenomenal example for me and you lead by example which is great. There are some parents out there who lead by saying "Do as I say, and not as I do" but you are different and that is fabulous :) I am grateful for the love you always show me and the support you give. It means a lot! I miss you and your tid-bits of wisdom each day. I always use phrases that you use like "Now were cooking with gas!" Or maybe I would quote the wisdom from that book you made for each of us kids. Very helpful :) Thank you! I love you and miss you! I am glad to hear that your throw up wasn't too much for you! I am kind of jealous that you had such a cool experience –ha ha.
I definitely want to go back with you all when I get off the mission.  Wreck dives sound like so much fun! I hope all is going well in Hawaii and hope you aren't missing me too much. I am not sure if I need anything from Hawaii! I don’t wear T-shirts very often... if at all. I think the chocolate might melt but if you want to send me something please feel free :) I miss you all! Hope everything is going good and you don’t get too sunburnt!
I miss you all,

Elder Gardner

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