Sunday, July 26, 2015

Rough Week

My week was good but it is always a challenge here in Russia! My year mark is on the 31st... pretty soon! Then we are on the downhill stretch :)   

I miss you. I hope all is well.  This week in Russia was a rough week. We didn't meet with anyone. Nobody answered their phone and we were kinda just stuck on the street trying to talk to people all day... and nobody wanted to talk with us:)  Although today we went to Lake Baikal and had fun. I got some rocks. Do you want one? They are real Baikal rocks. 
The Russians here are SUPER superstitious... Like I wouldn't say that I am superstitious, just a little 'stitious.' They say if you drink Baikal water then you accept the lakes energy into your organism and you are healthier. haha they are weird... oh yeah that's where the hooker tried ensnaring me! And we saw a couple topless chicks... they might have looked hot... you know... maybe 75 years ago!! Hahaha it was so gross;) Baikal was way cool though, I would not recommend visiting. It isn't worth going all the way to Russia. 
We went in our suits and ties and got the stupidest looks from some people.  Can you just imagine some stupid Americans wearing white shirts, ties, and dress pants walking along the beach with Nakey old ladies picking up rocks and putting them in their pockets :) I thought it was pretty funny. I almost bought a samurai sword but decided against it:) This week I also made a cat friend. She was 3 weeks old and probably the cutest thing I have ever seen. We also got rained on but that wasn't the best part. We were out walking in the rain when Mr. Schoolbus drove through a puddle and splashed us with muddy water:) Beep Beep! haha  We went home and changed after that, good day! I love you and miss you! Tell me about your week
Elder Gardner

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