Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Half Way Mark

It is weird that I am half way through my mission this week!  
I might have written that we were struggling to find people to talk to, but I don't actually remember if our weeks were rough two weeks ago... I honestly can't. I remember we couldn't find anyone to meet with us but if thats my biggest problem then I have life pretty easy:) This week we had lots of people to meet with which was cool but I guess not the most important thing in life.
Elder Gray is no longer training so he is officially a real missionary now! In our mission, being Zone Leader and District Leader and such isn't a big deal. People get switched around all the time. I don't expect to be Zone leader for long, and I don't care too much haha. I feel like there is just a higher standard that every one is held to around here. Everyone should be ready to do what it takes to ensure the success of those investigators we know and love and even those we don't know or haven't yet grown to love.  
 President Perkinson is great:) He has a good way of running things.  He helps us all understand our goal and shows us what we should go to achieve it.  He is trying to cut down on expenses recently. Apparently we spend a lot of money out here haha with Zone meetings and flights all across the eastern half of Russia and stuff. I am not going to Vlad this month for Missionary Leadership Council. So the only Zone leader responsibilities I have fulfilled recently... well two weeks ago I got a call from President asking how the West Zone was doing. We had a 10 minute talk about that and thats it:)    It really helps that all the missionaries know what needs to get done and they don't need a whole lot of correcting, they just do it. 
We are currently serving in a tri-companion companionship. Elder Gray, Elder Sitton and me. Elder Sitton is from Arkansas and is going home in 3 weeks. While he was on his mission, his family moved and when he comes home to give his homecoming talk, he won't know anyone haha.  After that, Elder Gray and I will probably be training 2 new missionaries. There are a lot coming in soon. 
This week Elder Gray went to Korea and I went back to Angarsk for a day to work with Elder Brown. This week was kind of crazy. All the missionaries who fly from Vlad to Angarsk/Irkutsk/Ulan Ude come through Irkutsk. We had a lot of people sleeping over and stopping by as they were getting into their areas a week into the transfer. Fun stuff!
As far as I know, we don't do any crazy things like burning shirts or anything like that to celebrate year marks. We will probably make a fruit smoothie or something to celebrate my year mark haha. Elder Sitton goes home soon so we will probably be celebrating in a few weeks all over again! 
This week it rained a lot and we got soaked a few times. No big deal, at least we didn't get splashed by a bus again:) 
I hope this week will be good for you all! Stay safe and cool and most of all stay Frosty!
Elder Gardner

Visiting Lake Baikal:) Our taxi driver was a big smoker haha go figure!

Lake Baikal

I wore a hole through these brown shoes. They cost 1000 rubles back in Nakhodka! (About $17)  They lasted pretty long I was surprised!


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