Saturday, August 8, 2015

Good Week

Hey there. I am doing good! We had a good week this week. We started a new plan of attack here in Irkutsk. Lately we have been having less people come to church each week than normal. So, we made a ton of different lists. Lists of the birthdays of people. Other lists of anniversaries and some of when our members got baptized. We are trying to remember the important things in these people’s lives and become their friends. Normally they meet us and we serve for a few months and then we move to a different city. The members aren't usually super close to the missionaries but I have seen how much it can help people stay strong when difficulties come. I would want the missionaries in my home ward to be close to and take an interest in my family if they had any problems. The same I should do for all these people. 

It has been raining quite a bit this week. That has been a good thing though because it helped us meet with one of our members. He doesn't come to church or meet with us ever. Do you know why? He is sun-tanning. We asked him why he tans a lot and he said it is because it heals him. We asked him what kind of sickness he has and he won’t tell us, he just says the sun is his medicine and he needs it. He doesn't work ever, he doesn't do anything.... literally... ever. Every single time I call him and ask what he did during the day he says "I went tanning". I ask what else and he doesn't know what to reply. Why would I do anything other than tan?? Russians have interesting habits and thoughts haha it is fun to watch, but sometimes annoying. 

I am glad to hear that school is starting again! School is probably even better than summer :) Oh quick question I have been thinking for a while, but can't remember exactly. Where did Lane serve? Moscow? I vaguely remember that but I am not sure if it is correct. What does he do for work nowadays? 

Everyone here in Irkutsk is nice. We haven't had any crazy drunk people or mean people from what I can remember. The Circus is in town and we made lots of black friends. haha it has been a long time since I have seen a black person. We met a few people, they are all from Kenya. Fred, Sarah, and Omar. We always wave at another guy but he never told us his name. The circus is in town for a few months and hopefully we can go see it :) 

I love Elder Brown, he is probably one of my favorite companions I have had. Even back when he was serving in Vlad a few months ago and I was just passing through for my Korea trip, we clicked right away and were awesome friends. He is having a hard time on the mission right now just because of some drama in Angarsk. I shouldn't talk about it, but it is silly and he is dealing with it really well. He is going back to Pima in 2 weeks! Oh another fun fact I found out, Sister Perkinson is from Morenci if I remember correctly. She knows about Casa and EAC. Pretty cool! 

I unfortunately haven't gotten the package yet. I haven't been to Vlad in a month and a half:) I got Grandpa Woods' email but I am afraid I won’t have enough time to reply :( We were talking about an article in the Liahona magazine this week at church. It talks about the benefits of waking up early and I was reminded of you and how you woke us up early all the time! In the moment, I wasn't too thrilled but I am thankful for it now. Thank you for your great example! 

Thank you for the inspirational quotes and things each week! Those are very cool I love reading them. 

We had a good week full of visits to old lady babushkee and crazy members of the church. They are very nice but they have a certain way they want things to be done and if we don’t listen to them then they start yelling haha. We were helping a lady clean her house and I was mopping the floor. She started correcting me and what she was saying just didn't make any sense whatsoever. I kinda just kept going and she started to shout haha luckily someone else there understood and said it simpler so that I could understand. It was a close call! I am glad to serve nevertheless. 

I love you all and hope you have a good week:) 

Elder Gardner

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