Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving - don't eat Indians

Hey there! Sorry I didn't email yesterday, we flew all night from Irkutsk to Vlad and got in at 9:30 in the morning. We had to go find our hostel where we are staying and we didn't know where any Internet cafes where located so we couldn't write home. We found a cafe today but the power went out at that location so we had to go explore Vlad some more to find another one.  Since I have never serve in Vladi I didn’t know where anything was.  We couldn't find one but we did find a Sony store.  We are there right now and I am on a Xperia c4 dual. There's a free advertisement for Sony.  You're welcome Sony J  

Anyways we had a good week.  The Thanksgiving party was good and we had like 30 people show up. The branch really took control of the party and made it great. It was our job to give a quick background about the holiday of Thanksgiving and it turned out pretty good except for at the end I tried to share a fun fact. The fact that I wanted to share was that each year 90% of Americans eat turkey for Thanksgiving... Well let's just say the word for turkey and the word for Indian are really similar. Haha I didn't even realize that I screwed up until I was stopped and corrected by Elder Tracy J

The weather us cold but here in Vlad it's super duper warm :) -10 ish. I go to Korea this week after our conference and I won't get back to Irkutsk until next Sunday.

I am getting a glare from the worker here in the Sony store so I will try to find a different computer later today and write a bit more but I love you all and hope you're staying warm.  PS. I love that Russian soda though. We drink it a bunch in the summer and it is basically weak weak alcohol. It's a barley drink and I could drink it all day :) anyways I love you lots! 

 Elder Gardner

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