Thursday, December 17, 2015

Tasty Lessons

Hey there! I am glad you liked the squatting. J  I have been practicing a lot. There is a lot of graffiti in our photos because we search it out. There is a guy named "Moral" at least that’s what he goes by. He does these cool graffiti things all across Russia. I have seen these Moral pictures in Angarsk and Irkutsk and I heard he even has some in a couple other countries. People don't erase the his graffiti because it really is like art, but there is plenty of other dumb graffiti that is everywhere too. It’s really not that noticeable unless you are searching it out. We are trying to find all the Morals but there are a ton.

I have been staying very warm lately, it has been so warm outside!  It reached negative 5 and I started burning up. The weather isn't such a bad thing. There is ever a plentiful supply of snowballs to be thrown:)  I can't complain.

Oh yeah also my zipper has been giving me some trouble on my big fluffy jacket so I might try to get that replaced. If the zipper replacement doesn't work, then I might end up getting a new jacket but for now we are going to try to fix the zipper:) I will keep you updated on that.
By the way when I was in Vlad I got the package you sent me and a small one from Amazon. I had Elder Tracy look into the package and he told me everything was wrapped so I opened up the box and took out the stocking and hung it up:) Our house is super festive!

My high was our lesson last night with one of the young families in our ward. They are great and they seem to like us. haha   We made corn bread for them and they made pie for us.  It was a very tasty lesson.
My low was probably going contacting all week. That was all we did really. Not a whole lot of progress though. There aren't a ton of people on the streets and they normally don't even stop to see what we need when we say hello. That’s okay though they think we are weird and I can't really get upset. I would do the same thing if I grew up in this Russian culture.

We broke our old phone somehow and lost our contacts, now we are contacting a lot to find new people to meet with while our phone is getting fixed. Hopefully we can get those contacts back.
The Star Wars movie is coming out this week on the 17th in Russia:) Not everyone is as stoked as America seems to be but that’s okay. 

We have learned a few Russian Songs but definitely not enough. We got some Russian EFY music on some CDs and have been listening to that recently :) It’s actually pretty good! I understand it all and Elder Tracy is learning a lot of fun words from listening. He is really smart and catches on quick. 
I hope you’re all safe and happy and healthy and I don't want you worrying about me, I am pretty much already Russian. The cold never bothered me anyway. People say I look Russian and I think the transformation is close to complete. I am almost a real Siberian :)

Love you all

Stay Frosty

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